What is this thing in my internet?

Don’t be startled! Let me explain!

A few years ago, Rob fell down the rabbit hole of paranormal research. After struggling through some hardships, he has rededicated his life to the Lord Jesus and to his family. Not really knowing what to do with all the knowledge he accumulated over the years, it all just sat and collected dust in the attic for a while; but now he has decided that it’s time to do what he can to help grow the kingdom of God. Rob doesn’t currently possess any degrees or certifications. He’s just a guy who likes to read a lot.

If you have struggled with evil paranormal or spiritual events, are interested in a Christian Evangelical’s viewpoint on them, or are just wanting some interesting stuff to listen to without going into ‘that part’ of youtube again, stick around!

Highway Robbery is the place for you.

Don’t go! Please? You’ll like it here!

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