HRR 01: Sleep Paralysis



Welcome to the very first episode of Highway Robbery Radio. Tonight we’re going to be talking about something that has haunted mankind for as long as we’ve been hauntible. It’s been called many different names in various parts of the world. The Old Hag, Hatman, Shadowman, Incubus, Succubus, and more recently- aliens. All of these names generally fall under what is called Sleep Paralysis. Most people experience it to some degree at least once in their life, but many of those are left mystified by the experience and will never talk about it with anyone. If this is you, please stick around. I hope I can shed some light on it for you.

Sleep Paralysis

But…what exactly is sleep paralysis and why does it occur? Can it be stopped or is it something that we should embrace rather than be fearful of? This podcast will attempt to answer these questions and hopefully others that you may have or haven’t yet considered. Please, dear listeners, pull up a chair and get comfortable as we attempt to unwind the yarn of this dark mystery.

Show Notes
Consulted Works:

The Holy Bible (NIV)
II Corinthians 11:14
Matthew 8:28-34
Mark 1:21-28
Luke 4:31-37

Files from the Edge, by Philip J. Imbrogno, pg 70, pg 259
Abducted, by Susan A Clancy, pg 48-49
Visitors from Space, by John Keel, pg 210
Ultraterrestrial Contact, by Philip J. Imbrogno, pg 64, pg 206
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Quote from Ashtar Command taken from the film The UFO Conspiracy.
Whitley Strieber’s “Gray”
Crowley’s “Lam”

Recommended Resources: by Chris White Ministries

CE4 Accounts:
Joyce’s Audio Testimony

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Intro/Outro musical pieces by Rob
Tense Dark Ambient by Yandros

Sound FX:

Apparition Sound Effect taken from Thief: The Dark Project by Looking Glass Studios
photo credit: Gerard Van der Leun via photopin cc
photo credit: Henry Fuseli via Wikipedia

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